By his Spanish friends called: Ramiro

Micasa dhruba Being a Nepali - I've always had a love for my country, our people, the landscapes, the Himalayas, our way of living and enjoying life, food, friendships.

Nepal has always been my home.

Having travelled a lot in Europe, the closest I ever came to a feeling of being at home was in Spain. The food, the people, the love for the life they have - reminded me of my country.

I've also lived in the US but I always missed Nepal greatly, so I returned here and we opened
" Mi Casa ".

Nepal is a beautiful place to be, to visit and to enjoy!

I am of Polish origin. I was raised in the US and I had a chance to travel to many countries in the world, looking for a perfect place - for my Shangri-la .Micasa sylvia
Although I have never found a perfect place - I have found Nepal and it became my home.

What inspired me the most when I first came to Nepal were the people. Their way of living. Their way of being. Looking at things and approaching life's difficulties with awareness and a smile.

I know how harsh travelling can be and I always looked for and appreciated places where I felt like at home - small family run guest houses, bed and breakfasts, small places with warmth, coziness and a special atmosphere that reminded me of home.

That's how the idea of Mi Casa (" my home " in Spanish) came to me.
I hope you'll find the same while staying with us.